Shooting Disciplines

Clay target shooting has at least 20 different forms of regulated competition called disciplines, although most can be grouped under the main headings of trap, skeet, and sporting.

CCTC Introduction to Clay Target Shooting Booklet

CCTC has produced a booklet for beginners to explain some of the basics of the different disciplines. Volunteers and other shooters would always be willing to assist in introduction to the layouts and shooting clays.

Please click on the link to view our introduction booklet.


Down-The-Line Trap Shooting

“Down the Line” is one of the oldest forms of clay shooting and is a good discipline for beginners to learn to shoot.

The shooting layout consists of a central ‘trap house’ from which the targets are released upon the shooters call of ‘pull’.

The shooters stand behind the trap house on one of 5 pre-set positions (running left to right behind the trap) 15 metres behind the trap house.

Shooters will on occasion shoot from further away than the 15 metre mark depending on the type of competition being shot or their handicap (or grade). The targets are all thrown from the trap house in a ‘going away’ direction. The traps are able to throw single targets or pairs, the traps are also able to move along both the vertical and horizontal planes to add to the degree of difficulty.

Depending on the actual event being shot a single shot and sometimes a second shot can be taken at a target or targets.

Trap shooting is considered to be one of the more popular disciplines within clay target shooting as it is relatively less complicated to master than the others. It is common for an automatic ‘voice release’ system to be used, these prohibit conversation within the squad as the noise would activate the trap into releasing a target.

A squad usually consists of 5 shooters, one for each lane, however a 6th shooter may ‘back up’ on a lane on occasion.

Shooters move along to the next station after completing a shot. They must have an empty gun (no cartridges loaded, spent or otherwise before leaving the station).

Skeet Shooting

National Skeet Shooting Association or American Skeet is shot at Caboolture

This skeet discipline consists of shooting at 25 targets in a round.

The targets are shot from 8 pre-set stands inlaid around a semi circular layout.

The targets are released from two trap houses set at either end/side of the layout. The high house on the left of the layout releases its targets from 10 feet above the ground and the low house on the right hand side releases its from 3 feet above the ground.

Targets follow a pre-set line at a set speed, a set height and travel for a set distance. Both targets cross at the centre of the layout at the target crossing point. The shooter moves from stand to stand and calls for their targets which are released as either single targets or pairs depending on the stand to be shot from.

A total of 25 targets are shot at in one round. If a target is missed a repeat target is called for and shot at. This then becomes the 25th target. If all targets are shot then a clean round is recorded.

Shooters form a squad which consists of anything up to 6 shooters who shoot one at a time in a pre-determined order. (It is considered poor shooting etiquette to talk or otherwise distract the shooter when taking their turn).

Sporting Clays / 5 Stand

The most fun you can have with a shotgun

Sporting clays / 5 Stand was originally established to simulate the kind of shooting one could normally expect to find in the field.

Unlike other conventional clay target shooting disciplines, where targets all follow regular and standard trajectories from course to course, no two sporting clays ground are the same and no two grounds have the same targets. However, every shooter on a given sporting range on a given day receives exactly the same targets as their fellow competitors.

In Sporting Clays, aspects of the natural terrain at the ground are fully utilised so that competitors are shooting amongst trees, rocks, uphill, downhill and overhead.

We are lucky at Caboolture Clay Target Club in that our sporting layouts are located in a true bush setting (just ask the regular kangaroo spectators – no kidding!) with varying terrain types from dense forest to open wetlands.

Many targets are deigned to mimic the behaviour of real-life birds and animals, from rabbits which roll and bounce along the ground to the ‘springing teal’ which springs from cover to rise high in the air before falling (that’s if you don’t shoot it first).

Other targets have no comparison, such as the larger but very thin “battue” targets that turn on their side at the end of their trajectory or the tricky “super-mini” which whizzes past at high speed.

5 Stand.

There are 5 stations, or stands and 3 to 8 strategically placed clay target throwers (called traps). The shooter is presented with 5 targets at each stand, first 3 targets are thrown as a single followed by a pair which could be a Report Pair (2nd target released after 1st shot has been fired), Sim Pair (2 targets thrown at the same time) and Trailing Pair (2nd target released after a preset timed delay).

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