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  • COVID-19 Reopening of club June 2020

  • SSAA have graciously permitted us to reproduce the article below

  • QCTA 2020 shoot calendar released (see it at the bottom of this page)

COVID-19 Reopening of Club

Dear members,

Caboolture Clay Target Club is pleased to announce that after the Queensland Governments early move to stage 2 lift in restrictions and clearance from the ACTA and QCTA that we will be opening for practise, by appointment and with significant changes, from this Saturday 6th June from 8am to 4pm.

Please note the following;

If you are feeling unwell with any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, sore throat, cough, headaches) STAY HOME.

DTL and Skeet disciplines only, at this stage.

Practice will be run in 1 hour time bookings and is strictly by appointment only.

Practice is open for licenced shooters who are CCTC members AND ACTA members only. Proof of both current memberships is required and is a requirement of our insurer. If you are not an ACTA member, you are not permitted to shoot on CCTC grounds at this stage.

A maximum of 20 persons is permitted on the club grounds at any one time (15 shooters and 5 club helpers)

Shooters must ensure that all their spent shells are discarded into the bins provided and not onto the ground. You will be asked to pick up your shells.

There are limited facilities available at this stage, please bring your own:

Refreshments (None available at club)


Hearing protection

Your own pen for signing in

  • Two rounds maximum per booking and time limits will apply
  • No gun hire available
  • No spectators permitted
  • Abusive behaviour online, over the phone or on the grounds will not be tolerated.

Bookings can be made by phoning Dave Milton on 0413 300 946 only. Bookings will close 4pm Fridays for the coming Saturday.

Only a one hour session with a maximum of 2 rounds within the hour can be booked per person. EFTPOS is preferred and cost is $15 for 2 rounds (or 2 x tokens paid at sign in). Ammunition is available for purchase (slabs only).

Arriving promptly for your booking time will be important. There is a 15 minute allocation to get signed in, get your gear and gun together and then start shooting. You must be finished your round(s) with sufficient time to put your gear away and leave the grounds prior to the end of the hour;

For example, if your booked time is from 10am to 11am the schedule will look like this.

10am: Arrive

10am – 10:15am: Sign in and gear up

10:15 – 10:45am: Shoot maximum 2 rounds. If a full round is not completed within this time you will have to finish early.

10:45 – 10:55: Pack down and exit

11am: You must have left club grounds

There is no allocation for cleaning guns on the grounds and this is not an opportunity for a carpark catch up. We must adhere to no more than 20 persons on the club grounds at any one time.

To comply with government legislation and ensure we have the support of our insurer, the above must be strictly adhered to. The club also has additional requirements including having a minimum of 5 club staff on the grounds to facilitate the above. These 5 include: the range officer, one supervisor per layout (x3 layouts running) – ONLY the layout supervisor is permitted to operate the controls and someone on the gate of the grounds facilitating access.

These changes place a huge requirement on club helpers and we will need assistance to ensure that we can continue to open for practise under these conditions. Thank you to those who have offered their assistance so far, we will be in touch. If you are able to volunteer your time and assist with the operation of this new practise structure now is the time to let us know, email your availability and contact number to We will need help to continue to operate Saturdays and all going well, increase the days that we can open for practise.

Please bear with us as we implement these huge changes. We will be assessing the above on a weekly basis and as our governing bodies and the Queensland Government release further advices.

Kindest regards and good shooting,

CCTC Committee

Reprinted by permission of the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia.

Russell Mark is providing training services at Caboolture Clay Target Club on 16th November 2019, however all positions are now filled.


Know of an event that CCTC members may be intersted in? Let us know via email at and we’ll include it here.

The Queensland Clay Target Association have released the calendar of Qld 2020 shoots.

Please click on the link below to see what’s coming your way for 2020.

Qld 2020 Shoot Calendar

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