DTL Results - 02 June 2019

ClassBest ScoresResult
20 Target DB Continental Sweeps
AAPaul Roos, Wes Humphries and Tim Williams all 20/20
APeter Smith, Rocky Webster and Allan McKenzie all 19/20
B1st: Fay Mills17/20
B2nd: Gino Bailo and Rivers Pointon16/20
C1st: Jorja Pointon19/20
C2nd: Brock Thompson18/20
C3rd: Barry Skinner16/20
50 Target DB SEZ Continental
OverallTim Williams57/58
AA1st: Col Witt56/58
AA2nd: Daryl Helwig54/56
A1st: Phil Bunderson47/50
A2nd: Allan McKenzie46/50
B1st: Con Koutsakis48/50
B2nd: Gino Bailo47/50
C1st: Brock Thompson46/50
C2nd: Jorja Pointon43/50
25 Target SB SEZ Continental
OverallTim Williams23/25
AA1st: Matt Lawson22/25
AA2nd: Col Gurski26/30
A1st: Rocky Webster22/25
A2nd: Ralph Esporito21/25
B1st: Fay Mills21/25
B2nd: Gino Bailo20/25
C1st: Brock Thompson20/25
C2nd: Joshua Issa18/25
25 Target DB SEZ Points Score
OverallBen Chambers72/75
AA1st: Tim Williams71/75
AA2nd: Col Witt68/75
A1st: George Hogarth65/75
A2nd: Nathan Dalton63/75
B1st: Trevor Mellor62/75
B2nd: Dan Pointon60/75
C1st: Brock Thompson65/75
C2nd: Jorja Pointon59/75
High Guns
OverallTim Williams163/170
AACol Witt155/170
AAllan McKenzie144/170
BGino Bailo143/170
CBrock Thompson149/170