Caboolture Clay Target Club Terms and Conditions

Caboolture Clay Target Club Inc. (CCTC) operates for members and guests to participate in the provided disciplines of clay target shooting. Membership entitles the member access to the grounds and facilities for the duration that their membership remains financial and valid under the terms of the Constitution registered with the Office of Fair-Trading Queensland.

Both visitors and members of CCTC accept these terms and conditions and will abide by the CCTC Standing Orders when accessing any of the facilities on our grounds operated as a sporting venue.

CCTC respects the privacy of the information provided to us by those that consume our information, engage or interact with us commercially and acts in accordance with Australian Privacy Laws as set out in our Privacy Policy and Australian Consumer Laws in regard to the provision of goods and services.

CCTC does share our grounds with a large and varied number of types of fauna. The shooting at any animal or bird on the grounds is prohibited and will be reported in accordance with club policy.

Goods and Services Provided

These terms and conditions cover the following goods and services provided by CCTC:

  • Access to clay target shooting facilities
  • Paid membership to Caboolture Clay Target Club
    • Paid affiliated Membership with Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA)
  • Multi-Discipline Clay Target Competitions
  • Paid Firearm Safety Courses facilities (courses run by external parties)
  • Paid Team Building/Corporate/Group Events
  • Paid Novice/Introduction Shooting Events
  • Other Novice/Introductory Shooting
  • Paid or Volunteer Coaching/Tutorials
  • Hire of suitable Shotgun for use at CCTC facilities only
  • Sale of Shotgun Ammunition only (sale of ammunition by external agencies prohibited)
  • Canteen and Bar Service


  • All fees and prices are quoted in Australian dollars.


  • For our customers, GST is applicable to any amount charged by the CCTC. Unless expressed otherwise, all charges shall be deemed inclusive of GST.

Tax Invoice:

  • CCTC will provide the Customer with a Tax Invoice for any payments when requested by the customer.

Product Refund Policy:

  • CCTC provides refunds in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. For intangible goods such Firearms Safety Courses, refunds will be provided upon request and evidence of non-attendance. Refunds will be made through the CCTC Treasurer once the Secretary is satisfied that the refund is appropriate.

Event Cancellation Policy:

  • In the case of weather preventing the event from being held, refunds will be provided in full through the CCTC Treasurer.
  • Customer cancellation: In respect of paid events hosted by CCTC, full deposit refunds will be issued for when notification of cancellation is made where more than 12 hours’ notice is given otherwise no refund will be given on cancellations where less than 12 hours’ notice is given or for non-attendance.
  • Registrations for events can be transferred to other parties but at least 24 hours’ notice and new registrant details must be given to CCTC.

Host cancellation:

  • In the event CCTC cancels an event – full refunds will be given to all paid ticket holders for the event.

Liability and Indemnity:

The Visitor/Member agrees that it uses CCTC facilities at their own risk.

  • The Visitor/Member acknowledges that CCTC is not responsible for the conduct or activities of any other visitor/member and that the CCTC is not liable for such under any circumstances.
  • The Visitor/Member agrees to indemnify the CCTC for any loss, damage, cost or expense that the CCTC may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with the Visitor/Member’s use of CCTC facilities or conduct in connection with CCTC, including any breach by the Visitor/Member of this Agreement.
  • In no circumstances will CCTC be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect damages, loss or corruption of data, loss of profits, goodwill, bargain or opportunity, or use of, or inability to use CCTC facilities, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, negligence, inequity or any other legal theory, and whether or not CCTC knew or should have known of the possibility of such damage, to business interruption of any type, whether in tort, contract or otherwise.
  • Certain rights and remedies may be available under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or similar legislation of other States or Territories and may not be permitted to be excluded, restricted or modified. Apart from those that cannot be excluded, CCTC related entities exclude all conditions and warranties that may be implied by law. To the extent permitted by law, CCTC’s liability for breach of any implied contract or condition that cannot be excluded is restricted, at the CCTC’s option to:
    1. The re-supply of services or payment of the cost of re-supply of services; or
    2. The refund of fees paid only.


Where a party believes that a breach of this Agreement exists, that other party must issue a written notice (Breach Notice) outling the allegation including and within the following terms:

  1. The nature of the breach;
  2. The provisions of the Agreement that are alleged to have been breached;
  3. Within a reasonable timeframe to remedy the breach in no less than 10 Business Days;
  4. The action believed required to remedy the breach.
  5. Where a party issues a compliant Breach Notice in accordance with clause 1, the receiving party shall be required to respond and/or remedy the breach as so set out in the Breach Notice. Failure to respond in writing setting out:
    1. The steps taken to remedy the breach; or
    2. Why the party believes it is not in breach as put forward in the Breach Notice.

Shall not in itself confirm the alleged breach but shall be in itself a breach of this Agreement. Failure to remedy a breach set out in a Breach Notice shall be a material breach of this Agreement (Material Breach).


For an individual to be considered for membership of CCTC, they MUST have an affiliation membership with either:

  • ACTA (Australian Clay Target Association); OR
  • SSAA (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia)

(The verification of affiliation membership may take time and delay approval of CCTC membership).

CCTC membership entitles members to a number of key components:

  • Access to CCTC facilities during operating hours for the purpose of practice, competition and interacting with other club members/volunteers without further attendance fee (not including target/competition cost)
  • Access to ACTA membership through CCTC facilities
  • Access to facilities and equipment to introduce others to the sport of Clay Target Shooting.

CCTC membership must be paid annually and the expiration date of the membership is the 31st December each year. Non-renewal of any paid membership after the expiration date strictly means that the person is no longer financial and not entitled to member benefits and access.

CCTC membership may be restricted or cancelled at the discretion of the Committee in accordance with CCTC and ACTA Constitutions.

CCTC will issue financial members with a membership card which is to be produced when on grounds to prove currency of membership.

Volunteers make up a majority of the staff for conducting CCTC operations, and members are encouraged to provide some time to the club.

Club Licensing:

CCTC maintains a license with the Weapons Licensing Branch (WLB) of the Queensland Police Service to operate as a shotgun range. No other entity or person is permitted to hold any other license to operate a range on CCTC grounds with the following exception:

  • SSAA Pistol Club which maintains and operates its own building and indoor shooting facilities on the grounds and must maintain its own licensing arrangement with the WLB.

CCTC is a Category A and C club only, and membership cannot form the basis of a genuine reason for any other category of firearm license.

CCTC maintains an appropriate license for the possession of firearms for the purpose of hire and use in other events as the committee sees fit.

CCTC has a Liquor License to provide bar facilities and strictly operates these facilities within the times and restrictions of this license. Staff serving have appropriate Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) qualifications and will not serve intoxicated or unruly persons alcohol.

Member/Visitor Licensing:

All members and visitors with an appropriate Firearm License must physically present a current license at each visit (daily) and it must be witnessed by the Range Officer/Assistance Range Officer when signing the range register in the club house prior to shooting on the grounds.

  • The only exception is if a license has expired within the previous 42 days and the shooter can present the expired license and also a receipt from WLB stating that the renewal had been paid and the shooter is awaiting physical delivery of the license.

Any licensed shooter who does not present their license cannot access facilities for shooting under the provision of Section 53 of the Weapons Act (Qld), which is forms the statutory instrument being a Form 33.

CCTC is not responsible for individual licensing and it is the sole responsibility of the individual to maintain the appropriate class/category for use at CCTC facilities.

Licensed non-members will incur fees for use of the facilities and cannot access member deals for the cost of targets.

Unlicensed Visitors:

CCTC welcomes unlicensed visitors for shooting and spectating. Qld law provides the mechanism for unlicensed shooters to participate in shooting under the close supervision and direction of a licensed shooter. Unlicensed shooters are to comply with Section 53 of the Weapons Act (Qld) and declare they are compliant with this legislation by completing the Form 33 and the range register.

CCTC works hard to implement events with unlicensed shooters in group bookings. Individual unlicensed shooters can be accommodated by volunteer staff from time to time, or under supervision of other licensed members.

Unlicensed shooters are not permitted to be in possession of live ammunition at any time. All unlicensed shooting outside of organised group bookings are to take place on the designated Novice traps, and unlicensed shooters are limited to single round shooting only (no more than one round to be placed into a shotgun at any time).

Unlicensed non-members will incur fees for use of the facilities and cannot access member deals for the cost of targets.

For insurance purposes any person not participating in shooting is to complete the visitors’ register located in the club house and remain a safe distance from live fire.


CCTC takes our obligation to safety very seriously and all members and visitors must assist by reporting any safety concerns to the Range Officer on duty at the time, who must investigate the matter and report to the Committee for review.

The Range Officer on duty has responsibility for the operation of the facilities and all directions and requests must always be complied with. Refusing to follow any direction will result in being removed from the grounds and reported to the committee.

All persons shooting must be wearing closed in shoes. Hearing and eye protection for juniors (under 18) near live fire is mandatory and CCTC highly recommends adults also use hearing and eye protection.

The consumption of any alcoholic beverage (or suspected consumption prior to arrival) is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol and the person will not be permitted to shoot on CCTC grounds.

Violent, threatening or intimidatory behaviour will not be tolerated on CCTC grounds and any such behaviour will result in removal from the grounds and report made to the committee. Any evidence of such behaviour by one CCTC member to another off the grounds will also be referred to the committee for review.

First Aid:

CCTC has a defibrillator and First Aid Kit in the club house. Any major medical emergency should be treated urgently whilst a call made to 000 at earliest opportunity and brought to the attention of staff.

Social Media:

CCTC maintains a friendly and light-hearted social media presence where we share successes, events and updates. Any derogatory comments by any user on our social media platform will lead to that person being blocked immediately and the comment deleted.

CCTC takes no responsibility for comments made by external parties on our social media platforms.


Any complaints or feedback are to be in writing and sent to the CCTC Secretary at