QCTA 5 Stand 2-Day Carnival June 24th & 25th

SSAA financial Sporting shooters will be able to shoot the same program as ACTA members, but under the clubs own program, and with their own prize table for both days.

The program will be run with MCMS and using the Lewis Scoring system.

Start time will be 9.00am, MP for Bancroft Mr Chris Whiting & Councilor Mark Booth will be opening the event

Food will be available both days, with evening meal on Friday & Saturday, Breakfast for Sunday morning.

Nominations fees are:

Open: $70.00 each day

Veteran & Super Vets $60.00 each day

Juniors: $50.00 each day

Proof of SSAA current membership will be required at registration

“No Targets” will not be available, No gun slips to be used, & No “Camo” dress