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Group Bookings

Looking for a great team building exercise? Maybe you want your buck’s or hen’s party to start with a bang?

Our very popular group clay target shooting sessions are designed for groups to shoot clay targets in a closed session. Novice shooters & “Have A Go” shooters welcome.

If required we can provide facilities for you to do your own catering. A licensed bar is available after 11am, for those people who have completed their shooting for the day. 

Bookings are available on the first 3 Saturdays of the month. Please contact us so that we can ensure your visit can be accomodated.

All Corporate & larger bookings 6+ persons start at 8:30am and would generally run for two plus hours. Closed-in shoes must be worn and all participants will need some form of photo ID such as a drivers licence or school ID. All ages are welcome but please note that the legal minimum age for juniors is 11 years old.

A maximum number of 1-4 people, no bookings are required, 5-6 people will need to contact for further information regarding availability on the day. (Contact number shown below)

Corporate or larger groups 6+ people, will require a booking with a deposit. (Contact number shown below)

All Un-licenced person will be required to complete a Weapons licencing form 33 ( decleration by an unauthorised person stating you are a fit and proper person to use a firearm) this will be signed-off by the R/O of the day before you can enter the shooting layout.

Note: All minors must be attended by a parent / carer, if a minor is a guest of the said family, they must have a letter of approval from his / her parent / carer to continue on the range

The club has a range of shotguns available for all ages and skill levels.

Package Details: (6+ groups)

$75 per person which includes

  • 25 targets
  • Ammunition to suit
  • Brief safety instruction
  • Use of club gun
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Small Club Trophy for highest score of the session
  • Terms & Conditions for the Novice / Training Layout
  • Licenced shooters are only permitted to coach / instruct an un-licenced person, licenced shooters will not be allowed to shoot, a licenced shooter can have 1 (one) personal gun only to be used, all other guns are to be kept & locked in a car/ safe storage
  • An Un-licenced person can only use single barrel at any one time, 1 box of ammo (25) to be used each session.
  • Once a person receives an email from WLB stating that their licence will be posted within X number of weeks, that person will be required to now move on to a Trap layout, supervised and can use 2 (two) barrels
  • A maximum of 2 un-licenced vistitors per licenced shooter

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 0413 300 946

Email: bookings@cctc.com.au

Private Coaching

For those wanting to up their game, private coaching is available upon enquiry.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 0413 300 946

Email: enquiries@cctc.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Bookings

  • How long do group bookings take?

Group bookings take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of people shooting at any one time.

  • Is it safe?

Clay target shooting is one of the safest sports you can take part in. We are governed by strict legislation and guidelines and we take safety very seriously. At no time will an inexperienced or unlicensed shooter be unsupervised while shooting.

  • Can I bring my Father’s / Grandfather’s / Uncle’s gun?

No. Unless you are a licensed shooter you cannot have a gun in your possession. We have a variety of club guns available for you to use.

  • Do I need a license?

Not at this stage. You will be required to sign a form in which you declare that you do not have a criminal record or Domestic Violence order. If you wish to continue shooting beyond an occasional beginner / novice session, you will need to obtain a licence by attending a one day safety course, which we are very willing to assist you with.

  • I have heard about recoil and I am very nervous about it, should I still give it a try?

Most definitely! Our instructors see a wide range of shooters and we are experienced in dealing with nervous shooters. With a properly positioned gun and good instruction your perceived recoil will be minimal; however, we have small and lighter guns available using smaller cartridges and therefore less recoil.

  • Can I bring my child along?

Children 11 years and older are allowed to shoot and we have smaller guns for them to use if required.

Children under 11 cannot shoot but we have a playground for them or they can watch from outside the safety barrier.

  • I have a physical disability, can I still shoot?

Shooting is a great sport for a number of physically disabled people. If you are able to see the target (one eye is ok) and hold the gun safely, then you are able to shoot. Wheelchairs can be accommodated subject to the ground not being wet, but we hope to upgrade our facilities to accomodate disabled people.

There is a strong para-trap competition now, and we want to be a part of it!

  • Can I bring my own food and drinks and make a day of it?

You are welcome to bring your own food. We have a licensed bar which is open from 11am on Saturdays and alcohol may be purchased if you have completed your shooting session.

Want to Join The Club?

Becoming a member of Caboolture Clay Target Club provides you with many benefits. You will have access to our premier shotgun facility, special discounts and will be covered by our insurance policy. Not to mention being part of a great community and a fun sport!